Custom ATA flight case design

Need a custom or complicated road case design? I can help you out.

Any size any shape, I’ll design it to your specifications or the specific equipment you need to fit in it. Full weight handling capacity calculation, detailed parts list, sized to optimize truck packing space, or any custom modifications you want. Cases designed to hold specific equipment are made to tightly hold gear and keep it as safe as possible during transport. Complete building schematics for a very reasonable price.


Past plans available:

  • Christie Mirage HD18, WU12
  • Christie Roadster HD18

Project EVE1


Project EVE is a personal engineering project I am currently working on to design a more affordable line array system and learn how to better apply acoustical theories to loudspeaker engineering.

The project initially started as an idea in early college as I started working more in the AV industry on the side and performing more occasionally at concert events. As I approached my senior year I ended up turning the idea into a independent research and optimization project at Iowa State University.

During this period I worked on designing and optimizing my own design of a linear arrayed PA system from scratch. Countless hours of researching AES articles, finite element analysis in Comsol Multiphysics, and modeling inside of Solidworks got me to the point of being able to create 2 complete prototype models. These where then tested in depth using the anechoic chamber on campus for future optimization.


I’ve been a performing artist in various areas for more than 8 years now. From playing in honor bands, to traveling around Europe with a large wind ensemble, to DJing edm events. Over this time I’ve been able to experience first hand how music allows an artist to connect with his/her audience on many different levels.

I want to work on improving concert PA acoustics to continue on improving this experience so an audience can make a better connection with an artist at a live event.

In the future

Prototype version 5 is being refined from version 4 to fix a couple of issues that were found after building the previous prototype. I’m working to try and create modules that can create an array factor as close to 100% as possible for an even sound distribution over an audience across the whole frequency spectrum.

After the refinement a full system will be built and used by a partnered production company for full review.

If you are interested in the project, Contact me under the contact tab for more information.

Research Presentation

During my work on this project at Iowa State University I gave a presentation over the full details of my work. If your interested in seeing it for research purposes contact me for more info.